When I tried to change education I learned to learn

When the first personal iPhone was still brand new in my hand 2008 I felt like I stepped into a time-machine on my bus ride to work.

My office was placed in an industrial area where it felt like no wind swept by since 1996. In this forgotten area internet became my best friend. When I looked out of the small windows, they were crossed with bars. All I could see was the high gate with barbed wire.

I felt like I was put in a prison but luckily the computer screen gave me access to a virtual window from where I could participate in the world. It was now I started to really fully understand the power and potential of digital with the anonymous nic @mediepedagog.

Internet thought me I could learn almost anything I wanted. Internet provided me access to a network of people that shared my passion for digital opportunities. I became a digital evangelist and started to believe in and work for the digital transformation of education. I understood digital literacy was all about education and awareness . I discovered sources such as Ted-talks. As so many others and felt inspired by lectures such as Sir Ken Robinson Schools kills creativity and Pranav Mistras the Sixth Sense. I was captivated and became a digital information junkie exploring new digital services, built blogs, set up social media…

But some of my workmates at the IT department, some of the teachers, the principals and parts of the management lived on a totally different planet. It was not because of stupidity but a lack of awareness and knowledge of the digital era we entered and where the world headed. I learned that people easily refuse what they do not know.

This unawareness created a organizational culture resistant to change. This mindset left the organisation unable to learn, to take steps forward and solve problems for the end users, the pupils and the teachers.

Management felt scared to make decisions, waiting for the perfect moment that would never occur. In fact when decisions finally were made the solutions were already outdated.

Working was like running for a train that already left. The speed of the development of the technology had when time for decision came already pushed new trends, new technologies and we had lost important time trying, failing and learning. The truth is that perfect time for decision does not come.

Those years bringing in the future in this organisation brought me so many learnings and pushed me to go beyond what you think is possible. Time past by and I as so many others in the school sector I finally shifted industry and continued on to new missions, new challenges and new opportunities.

But to my surprise, other sectors where not that much better off at all. They were struggling with the digital transformation and how to adapt to constant change just as anyone else. Most importantly they did not always uncover users and customers underlying problem and needs.

What I did not get back then was that I worked with digital transformation, change management, user centricity, content marketing… I did not know the names of methods such as Agile and Design Thinking. I wish I had.

Now I work with digital strategy and communication putting together everything I learned so far in Design Thinking Experiences. I hope to provide a safe inspiring space and meet-up for co-creation, trying, failing and learning. I want to support in how to solve user real problems while practicing the process of the Design Thinking method.

Today we need to be able to solve complex and dynamic challenges. We should use our technology to improve and empower people. And new problems and new times needs new methods.

By working with a common process we can do our best to mix the best from humans and machines. And most importantly, to create a society for people we need to include people with different perspectives, backgrounds, skills when we design our products, services, business and society.

So sorry for my unfit english, I am practicing, learning ;)

Written by

Design Thinker

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