We are now half a year into a global pandemic that affects everyday life.

During those days I am so grateful for having such a blessed life. I understand life is so much harder and more stressful for all of you that lost a loved one, having the stress of not having a job or trying to find ways to work in a small apartment with family members around.

Everyday problems are not invisible in my life either but those 10 small trix helps me out.

  1. Morning pilates or morning walk

2. A glass of water 10.00

3. Lunch walk with a friend on the…

Vi har sett att när de mångas beteende skiftar från användning av en teknik/medium till ett annat så händer något, ofta disruptivt. Därför tänker jag öga igenom min gamla arbetsplats rapport om “attityder, beteenden och val hos de som utgör grunden för det svenska internet, det vill säga användarna på temat internet och politik”.

Bland det första jag läser är att;
- 71 procent tar del av politisk information på internet.
- Inför förra valet 2014 var siffran 47 procent.
- Förstagångsväljare tar oftare del av politisk information på internet (80 %).

Så drar jag mig till minnet en fras från min tid på medie- och kommunikationsvetenskapen i början av 2000-talet. “The medium is the message” sa Marshall McLuhan redan på 60-talet och menade att “the form of a medium embeds itself in any message it would transmit or convey, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived.” Med filmen som exempel hävdade han att sättet “the medium played with conceptions of speed and time transformed “the world of sequence and connections into the world of creative configuration and structure.” …

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There is something magic with a crowd of people. No crowd is the same. No crowd possess the same energy, the same abilities or the same vibe. In my 20:ies I worked at childrencamps during the summer and despite the very same setup, the same staff, the same rules, the same environment, each group of children arriving was completely different and so was the dynamics.

When a crowd of people is formed and we manage to get people together there is energy glowing and growing in the spaces in between. …

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Today we humans use 1,5 planet and by doing so we drive our humanity and planet into an unbalanced emergent state.

I listen to a youtube clip by Otto Scharmer (MIT) who explains Theory U: Leading from the Future as it Emerges. The youtube clip is part of the master course 7,5 p “Back to the land” — Design for Sustainable Co-Creation.

How does the food system function in your life?

The food we eat are often processed and in our food system and supply chain (we as consumers are pretty unaware of) we tend to use more energy to produce the food we eat than it actually gives us back. We know that the planets clock is ticking, yet we have no sustainable solution in place. As part of the course you spend one workshop week at the village Hjulsjö, Dalarna to embed yourself in the environment you study. …

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  1. Everything starts with a why.
  2. Know who you are as a company. What is your purpose?
  3. Your company identity and values will be your foundation and function as your flexible strategy and compass for strategy and decisions when the world around you change rapidly.
  4. Make sure to define, address and solve a human problem better than anyone else. Dare to do it exploring new paths. It takes courage.
  5. Deeply understand your customer/user. Do research such as observations and interviews to learn about their lives, dreams, pains, gains and desires, they might not even be aware of themselves.
  6. Collaborate and involve people with different skills and experiences to be able to adress complex challenges. …

The very moment I got my mothers text, how are you? I Instantly knew something happened close by. And a few seconds later I realized a truck drove into the city mall close by, after a 500 m joyride that crushed peoples lives.

One week ago I luckily had no idea about the feeling of today after yesterdays tragedy in Sweden. I was in Granada to run a company workshop about how to “Storytell your values”. The twist in the workshop was “How do you handle situations when it gets difficult”.

How will you act in a difficult situation, in the very moment, when a point of no return decision needs to be made? …

When the first personal iPhone was still brand new in my hand 2008 I felt like I stepped into a time-machine on my bus ride to work.

My office was placed in an industrial area where it felt like no wind swept by since 1996. In this forgotten area internet became my best friend. When I looked out of the small windows, they were crossed with bars. All I could see was the high gate with barbed wire.

I felt like I was put in a prison but luckily the computer screen gave me access to a virtual window from where I could participate in the world. It was now I started to really fully understand the power and potential of digital with the anonymous nic @mediepedagog.

Internet thought me I could learn almost anything I wanted. Internet provided me access to a network of people that shared my passion for digital opportunities. I became a digital evangelist and started to believe in and work for the digital transformation of education. I understood digital literacy was all about education and awareness . I discovered sources such as Ted-talks. As so many others and felt inspired by lectures such as Sir Ken Robinson Schools kills creativity and Pranav Mistras the Sixth Sense. …


Ellen Pettersson

Design Thinker

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